There is an automatic motion sensor in Saana Light, by meaning that when the space is in use, the white light automatically turns on. When the space is unoccupied, the powerful VLD (Visible Light Disinfection) blue light turns on for even moreeffective disinfection. NOTE that Spectral blue light (not UV light!) is harmless for humans and materials!       

Photon Disinfection is an effective way to destroy bacterium, viruses and fungi automatically. When utilized with a photocatalytic coating, (Ti02) it also destroys viruses, VOCs and odors.  The blue light is non-ionizing and has been tested by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland (STUK).

This light has two functions, the blue light (WiSDOM AiR) is activated when the space is unoccupied, while the white light (ANTiBAC) is activated when someone enters the space. ANTiBAC looks like a normal light, but contains proportionally more blue light than general white lighting. This light offers productivity enhancing properties similar to daylight.

Innovative antimicrobial LED lightsOur CME (Controlled Micro Environment)-technology makes sure your meetings are safe for everyone involved. Photon disinfection lighting, in combination with photocatalytic nanocoating, takes care of harmful microbes automatically and without harmful chemicals.